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Paint 01

"Wood", acrylic on canvas, 200x110cm

Mario Zampedroni was born in Milan (Italy) in 1945. Not thirteen years old yet, in 1958 he attended High School of Art in Milan, were he followed drawing and painting courses as a pupil of the Italian Maestro Felice Mina and distinguished himself being awarded many prizes. He graduated in Graphics and advertising and studied architecture at Polytechnic in Milan. He worked as designer and executive in the furnishing industry. Today devotes all his time to painting. His abstract landscape and floral paintings are in demand and collected in Italy and abroad. Large historical vanguards of '900 have portrayed the nature and then analyze it and push the limits of informal solutions. The conceptual route Mario Zampedroni is 'exactly the opposite: he does not ever copy from the real. His works come directly from an abstract dimension where a world of pure colors and forms are developed in his paintings are naturalistic, such as rivers, forests and fields of flowers. This creative journey allows him to express a form of reality 'natural tense unknown sequences characterized by spontaneous gestural color charges of matter, whose forms never fall into the banal description of particular but synthesize unpredictable rhythmic sequences as in a concert. The subjects of his works, though very pleasant, are merely a pretext to give vent to caught her powerful gesture 'and to considerable coloristic compositions that are the true protagonists of his art, through which he often returns to informal painting. He stills nowdays one of the best artists in milan. (Written by Kelly Jhonson)

Mario al lavoro
Pring in wood

2016 - "Spring in the wood", oil on canvas, 120x60cm

Freed from stylistic intentions and drawn from the fresh source of emotions.

Io che dipingo

2016 - "Art in progress!", oil on canvas, 200x160

Surrealismo floreale

2016 - "Floral surrealism', acrylic on canvas, 80x80cm

I distance myself from all forms of art subjected to preconceived standards, to which I should conform myself to.

Astrazione Surreale

2016 - "Surreal abstraction", acrylic on canvas, 80x80cm

Surrealismo floreale

2016 - "Floral surrealism - 2", acrylic on canvas, 150x150cm

Dream Floral

2015 - "Floral Dream", acrylic on canvas, 180x80cm

I feel as if I am a surrealist. I find my subjects within the depths of the mind where, unlike the surrealists and historical meta physicists I do not find disturbing tensions nor distressing images. I simply investigate universal values ​​such as beauty, energy and positive emotions. I search for vital and rewarding forms.

September Morning

2015 - "September morning", acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm

Abstract flowers 2

2012 - "Abstract Flowers", acrylic on canvas, 80x80cm


2011 - "Flowers", acrylic on canvas, 60x50cm

"Beauty will save the world" claimed Dostoevsky. It may not be so, but it certainly improves it. The beauty in art has always been produced in historical places and contexts of great culture, so it would be a mistake to consider it a simple aesthetic factor. Beauty is also ethical. To achieve beauty means to be included, even when it is expressed as a pure pictorial idea, free from all conceptual aspects.

Flowers 2

2010 - "Floral abstraction", acrylic on canvas, 80x80cm

Notte in un campo di grano

2009 - "Night in a grainfield", acrylic on canvas, 190x90cm

Energy is the vital force essential in overcoming existential problems. Life itself is an energy path and I find it magical to communicate this through a painting. The emotion, often beyond description in a literary sense, becomes evident when stimulated by positive external factors and causes enhanced moods, moments of great psychological intensity.

Water lilies

2008 - "Water lilies", acrylic on canvas, 140x120cm, private collection

Night on the hill

2007 - "Night on the hill", acrylic on canvas, 130x150cm, private collection

Contrary to some paintings of the last century, I instinctively tend to express "sparks" of enthusiasm. I would like to win some battles in a war that I will surely lose.

La Calda Estate

2005 - "Hot Summer", acrylic on canvas, 130x120cm


2001 - "Swamp", acrylic on canvas, 80x60cm - Private collection in Ohio, US